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The most often ignored muscle group for running speed and why conditioning this muscle group alone is crucial for running faster.

Learn why resistance bands with isometrics will condition your muscles for speed and quickness and in ways that weights and plyometrics can not.

Includes "The Running Process" which reveals which muscles are most important for running speed so you will know which muscles to strengthen and quicken.

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Kicking harder and sprinting faster for soccer players is actually a lot easier than most soccer players believe.

If you have struggled to get stronger kicks and lower your running speed times, help is now here.

Many speed training programs that are taught today adhere to the notion of 'no pain, no gain'.

That strategy will work to get your muscles stronger, but when it comes to getting faster muscles, you will always be disappointed.

We challenge you to find a speed training program anywhere that delivers better results in less time for kicking and running then the three exercises demonstrated in the video on this page.

After doing these 3 simple 3-minute exercise for two weeks you will be faster than ever before and kicking farther than ever before

Does this sound too easy?

Well, believe it or not, you will quickly and dramatically lower your 40 times - even if you think you are at your best right now!

Your coaches and teammates will be totally amazed and as you get to more balls, out play your opponent and get more scoring opportunities.

And it gets even better - these are just 3 of the 10 exercises in the Kick Farther and Run Faster Speed Training Program.

After doing the other 7 exercises you will be even faster and kicking harder because you will be training all the muscles used in kicking and sprinting as well as muscles for side to side, lateral movements.

To Get Started:

1. Watch the video on this page.

2. Download the free training instructions

3. Get Resistance Bands

4. Do the exercises and improve your game in days!

5. Send in your results to: support@athleticquickness.com

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Results Others Are Getting

Speed Training and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Why You Are Not Getting Faster

Some Results Submitted

"Things are going excellent since I got your incredible program"
Speed Training Challenge

"I play soccer regularly and I always wanted to improve my speed in the game. I tried the exercise and I noticed a huge difference in just one week of doing this isometric exercise. The results of my times amazed me! I never expected to improve in such short amount of time!

This great exercise program increased my speed and my opponents are having a hard time in keeping up with me! My performance now is truly impressive!

I recommend this incredible program to everyone who wants to increase their speed. I can’t thank you enough AthleticQuickness.com

—— a few months later ——

I wanted to talk to you about the Kick Farther program and how it helped so much in my performance.

Its speed training exercises improved my sprinting speed and agility in ways I couldn´t imagine! But thats not all! I also realised that my skills (like the “stepovers”) can be done with a lot more pace. My soccer moves improved thanks to the quickness I now have. 

In a funny way I feel like I´m a super version of myself. These aspects are really important to me because they give me more confidence during a soccer game.

Well, as you can see things are going excelent since I got your incredible program and I´ve been training for 6 months now. I guess what I am trying to say is that I really appreciate what AthleticQuickness.com did for me. I wish the best for you all."

Tiego C.

"I am absolutely blown away by how good this has been"
Speed Training Challenge

I play soccer and I’m a central midfielder, but I’ve always been a bit slower than everyone else on my team. I’m very talented on the ball, but my speed was holding me back.

I am absolutely blown away by how good this has been. And now, my team can rely on me even more than usual. I can’t wait to continue the program to see how fast I can get! Thanks so much.

Carl B.

"Elite Player Gets Amazing Results"
Speed Training Challenge

Hey, First of all i wanna say thanks, i´m an elite soccer player 20 years old who has worked with the soccer program for a year, what an amazing result.

Today after i finished my excercise i looked back just to refresh my memory of isometric training, how it works and so on, and realized i want the isometric training for my upperbody also…

Magnus L.
Malmo, Sweden

"It’s Totally Worth It!"
Speed Training Challenge


I could keep up with some of the guys, but never the speed demons. My fastest time was wind aided, but after 2 weeks on the program I felt like Usain bolt.

I just came back from a hamstring injury and the first time i got onto the soccer field in two months, I was blowing everyone away.

This has been the best 2 weeks of my life. my forty lowered .3 SECONDS!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT.

Everyone asks me to help them get faster, im tellin him to come straight to this.

This really opened my eyes. Anyone reading this had better click on one of the links to buy a program. Its totally worth it.

Centralia, IL

"Worked Better Than Squats and Leg Curls"
Speed Training Challenge

I have tried the 2 week challenge which I was skeptical about but i gave it a go. I used to do squats and leg curls to gain speed but it really just made my hamstring bigger. I play soccer so speed is a important thing.

40 yard dash
5.78 <— Before.
5.07 <— After.

This is a huge improvement. Thank you very much Mr. Larry Van Such. I will always use these methods off season and in season.


"More Scoring Opportunities"
Speed Training Challenge

The speed program is incredible! After just 14 days I have seen huge results as I feel more athletic, explosive and quick as I play soccer.

This increase in speed allows me to make goal scoring situations a lot more frequently. It has helped my game hugely and I strongly recommend the program to any soccer player!

New Zealand

"Mom’s Son Sees Drastic Improvement, Now Excited to Do Even More."
Speed Training Challenge

purchased the bands and isometric program for my 10 year old son. After only two weeks of doing the exercises on his off soccer practice nights, I noticed a difference in his running. He is actually taking off when he runs. The exercises are developing his muscles for the take off sprint motion. He is taking longer strides and is getting to the ball quicker. 

He noticed it and now is excited to do the exercises even more. To a child who couldn’t sprint before and was always a step behind, his results are amazing. Follow the instructions and it will work. I am truly amazed.

He was in a very expensive speed school and it was not helping him at all because it was not targeting the right reason he was having issues. He hated going to it. He loves this program!

Kim E.
Reading, PA

"State Soccer Player of the Year"
Speed Training Challenge

I have used your product for the past few years on and off for track and soccer season. I use the “Kick Karther and Run Faster” book.

Your training methods work great. I just wanted to say thank you for putting these training programs out there! I want to let you know I will continue to live by your training methods!

- Maine High School Soccer Player of the Year
- United States Achievement Academy National Soccer Award
- Conference Record Holder in the 200M

Bethel, Maine

"Shooting More Great Goals"
Speed Training Challenge

I was the fastest on my soccer team. Therefore, I was running around the defense. I’d get the ball passed up to me and I’d have to knock it on and run around the defense. However, I found it hard to retrieve the ball at the other end.

Thanks to your program I am able to get the ball at the other side of the man and shoot great goals. Thank you AthleticQuickness for helping me become the runner I am today

Matt B.
Zurich, Switzerland

Speed Training and Bands

Why This Program Works

[Video] - Isometrics with the Resistance Band For Speed

Your Challenge:
Kick Farther and Run Faster than Ever

The Soccer Kick Farther and
Run Faster Challenge

Hello and welcome to the soccer kick farther and run faster training challenge. Our challenge for you today is to try just three of our exercises from our soccer program to see if you can become a faster runner and stronger kicker in just 14 days.

That's it…just 14 days to see if you can kick the ball with more velocity and distance, run quicker to the ball on the field and flat out just become a more dominant soccer player that will help you get the attention of scouts and coaches and possibly earn a college scholarship and maybe even a professional contract.

The exercises I am about to show you will only take 3 minutes a day, each, to perform and since you will only need to do 3 exercises, you are looking at just 9 minutes of training time per day….certainly you can make time for that, especially if it helps improve your game. So, are you up for the challenge? Good.

Why These Exercises Will Work

Let me first give you a little insight into why we think these 3 exercises are going to work so well for you and then we will get in to the exercises themselves.

To start things off, let's briefly talk about your hip joint, arguably the most powerful and most important joint in the body when it comes to sports. Did you know there are 6 basic planes of motion for the hip joint?

6 basic ways to exercise it? There are and they consist of: extension, flexion, abduction, adduction, external rotation and internal rotation.

Now of these 6 planes of motion, did you know that the majority of athletes, including professionals and possibly even you, really only train their hip joint to function properly in just 3 of them at the most?

It's true. Most athletes that I've been around train their hip joint primarily for hip extension, to target their glutes and hamstrings, by doing exercises such as squats, lunges, leg presses, dead lifts, box jumps, and power cleans. You may be doing the same.

Now these are all great exercises to work the backside of your leg and buttocks and are highly recommended as well but with regards to the hip joint, they only focus on one of the six planes of motion, just one and that again is hip extension.

Now these same athletes that I've been around are somewhat familiar with training 2 other planes of hip motion, those being hip abduction and hip adduction primarily because they have at least been exposed to the abductor and adductor machines that train these muscles in the gym…perhaps the same applies to you, too.

But I can tell you that even their training in these two areas is severely limited to only what the machines can offer and not much else, but at least they are aware of them and have the option to exercise them.

Which brings us to the other 3 planes of hip motion: external rotation of the hip: internal rotation of the hip and hip flexion. And let’s talk about the rotation movements first.

Hip Rotator Muscles are Underdeveloped

Can you honestly tell me that you have ever seen any piece of gym equipment anywhere that will help you train for internal and external hip rotation? We're not talking about abduction and adduction, we're talking about internal and external hip rotation. Can you? I've never seen any such piece of equipment and if they do exist, they are not very popular to say the least.

So, my guess is that since this equipment is missing from the gym, you too have probably never once given any thought to training your hip for internal and external rotation…ever!

That's 2 planes of hip motion, out of 6, or 33% of hip joint function, that you are completely omitting!

33% of hip function missing from your training routine and up until now you were probably wondering "what more can I do to get better?" Well, I think you have at least some idea now.

Why You Need Strong Hip Rotators

And just take a guess what having strong internal and external hip rotator muscles just might help you with? That's right! One of them is running, especially your change of direction and reaction speed.

The other place where your hip rotators are used is in kicking. As shown here.

Are you with me so far? Good, because here is where our soccer training challenge gets even more interesting.

Your Longest & Most Important Muscles are Ignored

The 6th and final plane of motion for the hip joint is hip flexion. You probably already know that hip flexion is the opposite motion of hip extension. And you probably already know, or have at least performed some exercises for your hip flexors, such has sit-ups and hanging knee-raises. But here are a couple of things you may not have known about your hip flexors:

First, there are 7 of them that flex the hip joint on each side of the body and contrary to what some people believe, these muscles aren't tiny and small but rather, they are the longest muscle group in the body!

Their combined length is almost 3 feet long where they begin high up in your lumbar spine and attach just below the knee. so, That's a lot of muscle!

Now these 7 hip flexor muscles on each side of your body are responsible for the speed and length of your running stride and contribute a lot to your turnover rate, that is, how fast your leg cycles around, when you run.

So, they are very important to your running speed on the soccer field. They are also a main factor in kicking as they are needed to aggressively pull your leg from behind you, forward to enable your lower leg and foot to make powerful contact with the ball.

But here is something you may not have known: you can't exercise all 7 of your hip flexors properly if all you ever do are sit-ups and hanging knee raises; at best you will only ever target 2 of these 7, and those are the psoas and iliacus muscles. And this has to do with where these other 5 muscles originate and insert on the body that require different thigh and lower leg positions in order to engage them within an exercise.

So, even when you think you are effectively training your hip flexors, you are most likely leaving 5 of them out and not even coming close to tapping in to their full potential.

Weak Hip Flexors - A Bigger Problem Than you Think

Now, if that's sounds like a big oversight, here is one that may be even bigger: your athletic performance is only as good as your weakest link.

What that means to you and your body is that if one muscle group, such as your hip extensors where your glutes and hams are on the back side is more developed than its counterpart, such as your hip flexors on the front side, your body's own built-in self-defense mechanism will be forced to find a way to prevent injury to these weaker hip flexors just so they will be able to keep up the pace.

And it will do this by automatically shortening your stride, or forcing you to return your foot back down to the ground sooner than you are hoping for.

And that’s a big problem to have if you are looking to figure out a way to run faster. And since it is a self-defense mechanism inherent to the brain, there won't be anything you can do to override this mechanism. Worse yet, it will feel completely normal to you.

That means that all of the hard training you may be currently putting in to the backside of your hip for your glutes and hams will not be as helpful to you as you were led to believe simply because your brain and body knows better than you and is doing you a favor by shutting other muscles down sooner, to prevent injury to them simply because they are too weak to keep up.

So, what we need to do then is completely strengthen your hip flexors to counter the strength of the powerful hip extensors so that they both can function at optimum efficiency. When you do this, you are going to find yourself running more dynamically, with less stress and ultimately much faster which is what everyone wants!

Plus, since the hip flexors play a major role in kicking, your power and distance will naturally increase as well. And of course, we have an exercise here to help you increase the strength within these muscles.

So, there you have it; a brief overview of why if you do the three exercises shown in this video for your hip flexors, internal hip rotators and external hip rotators, the way we teach you, you can't help but improve your running speed and kicking distance and your overall soccer performance.

These three exercises are also part of a larger group of exercise contained in our Kick Farther and Run Faster Program, so if you think you have gotten faster and can kick farther after doing just these three of them for only 14 days, imagine how much more running speed and kicking distance you will gain if you did the whole program!

by Dr. Larry Van Such, D.C.
Muscle Speed Expert

"I'd just like to say that the RUN FASTER speed training exercises that I did last season worked!! Initially, they helped me take a second off my best 100m and 200m times.

I was ranked second in my state and in the Southern Track Classic I broke the 200m record set by an NFL Pro-bowler.

Thank you for coming up with this program. I recently bought two more sets of resistance bands, so expect more reports from me very soon."

Anthony Chesson - Virginia
(More Results...)

"My son has tried your resistance bands and they worked. He's now the most powerful 12 year old in Sweden, possibly Europe in terms of speed and kicking.

His team won the world youth cup for club (club 12yr) in the summer. Everybody is curious about our training methods which I have kept secret so far.

"I just wanted to say that I love this program. So far after one month I have greatly decreased my forty yard dash time. It has dropped from a 4.91 to an amazing 4.53! ... I recommend this program to any and everyone."

D.J. - South Pittsburgh>
(More Results...)

[Video] Mark Parsons - NFL Safety
Run Faster in Days with the 15 Minute Speed Trainer
All 10 Kicking and Speed Exercises with Complete Instructions, Video Demos, Progress Charts, Workout Schedule, Resistance Bands and more!
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